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Juliana’s Newborn Session

August 10, 2021

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This newborn session was extra special for me to do. I have known Juliana’s sweet momma for over twelve years now. We went to high school together, pole vaulted together, and now we are having babies together. When you get to experience life with someone you have known for a long time, it makes the experiences just so much sweeter. I remember the day Juliana’s momma told me she was pregnant with her. My first thought was oh please be a girl!!! I don’t know if you have seen her adorable older brother Anthony, but he hands down has the best hair I have ever seen. Sadly he woke up sick the morning of our session so he was unable to attend. Juliana and her older brother Anthony are just shy of 17 months apart. And I am so excited to watch them grow up together and become besties with my babies.

Sweet Juliana was born on August 1 at 1:40pm. She weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce and she was 19 inches long. And oh my goodness is she perfect! You take one look at her and your heart just melts because of her cute squishy precious face. Let’s just say she is making this momma want another baby. 😉 She is so calm and relaxed and did a fabulous job at sleeping the whole time we did our session. She absolutely loves to have her hands next to her face all snuggled up which just makes for even sweeter photos.

Juliana’s adorable nursery is a bunny and hot air balloon theme. How cute is that? I had not even considered bunny and hot air balloons going together but I walked into her nursery to see them and oh my goodness they are so precious! It is the perfect color combination for a sweet little girl to have in her nursery. Her momma also had an adorable hot air balloon swaddle we got to wrap her up in as well that was originally her brothers. Except this time, we got to put a big pink bow on her head which was absolutely adorable! It is always so much fun when you get to pass down older sibling traditions or memories to experience with each of your kiddos.

Getting to photograph sweet Juliana’s newborn photos was just a dream. She was hands down such an easy, go with the flow baby while we did it, and hardly caused any ruckus which was amazing! Not only is she beautiful just like her momma, I can already tell that she will have a loving spirit just like her sweet momma does. I did not know her momma when she was little, but I am so excited to know sweet Juliana and watch her grow up over the next several years.

  1. Karen McHugh says:

    Oh my sweet Juliana i.e. Sparkles. All through Justina’s pregnancy I called her Sparkles. Seems to fit this precious little one right? I called her big brother Anthony, Blueberry which I have now changed to Blue. All of my grandchildren and now great grandchildren have special names from their Nonie. Oh my word how I love all of them. Saying I am blessed doesn’t begin to explain it. Justina and Matt are great parents and most importantly I am happy to say that they will raise their children to draw near to the Lord. Chandler, you are sweet, kind, and a wonderful photographer. You have captured the essence of the beautiful Juliana.

    • Chandler Fulton says:

      I absolutely love that name! Yes it totally seems to fit her! How sweet and adorable having picked something out way before she was even born. That is definitely a memory to cherish for a lifetime. You are most definitely blessed with not only beautiful grandbabies but now great grandbabies as well. They are some of the best people I know. I am so blessed to have them in my life as well as my children’s lives. Thank you for your help in making them who they are today! Thank you for your kind sweet words. It was my joy and pleasure to capture Juliana’s beauty! 🙂

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