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Why Style Guide Matters

August 17, 2021

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Have you ever looked at a picture and thought wow that is an amazing photo! I wish I could take a photo that looked half as good as that. Well you are in luck friends. One of the most common misconceptions about photography is the only way to get a really nice picture is with a high quality camera. While that is in fact true, there are lots of different equations that go into getting a beautiful image as well.

1. Choosing the Right Color Scheme

The very first thing many clients do after they book a session is determine their color scheme. Thank the Lord for Pintrest am I right?! Thankfully, finding a great color scheme is no longer extremely difficult to do with the internet these days. As the client, you should always look for a color scheme that you love first and foremost. You do not want to look back on the photos and think man I absolutely hated those colors. What you should do is look online, and find a couple different color schemes that you like best. After you have narrowed down your search, that is when you start to decide which colors you are actually going to go with. However, the problem several clients run into is choosing the wrong type of colors.

2. Why Light Colors Matter

Believe it or not, black is not the best color to photograph in. Many people always say I look amazing in black because it helps me look slim. However, a good photographer will help you look amazing no matter what color you are in through posing. 🙂 Therefore, black and harsh colors are not the ideal choice color for photos. Instead, choosing lighter colors are more ideal due to the added exposure on skin tones. When you look at a photo with someone wearing a black outfit, where does your eye go first? Probably to the black outfit instead of the person. My hope and goal is to help lead the eyes in my photographs to the client first and foremost. The outfits are almost an afterthought. They do however help make the photo stand out more.

When you look at the two photos above, where does your eye naturally go to first? The darker outfit photo because it naturally captures you in. It is not to say that you cannot still have amazing photos while wearing darker colors. However, by choosing to go with a lighter color, you will naturally look at the whole image together and see how it all blends beautifully together. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a little black dress. But if you are looking for those stand out, gorgeous, put me in those picture vibes, lighter colors will help that.

3. Be Careful of Patterns

Patterns can be a great way to help break up the look within a photo. I am all about tying in several different types of looks to help make the photo stand out. However, when there is too much pattern going on, the photo just does not capture the eye quite as well as it potentially could. If you are going to choose patterns within your color scheme, make sure they are light enough to not draw the eye strictly to them above everyone else. Bright colors are definitely not ideal for a pattern look. They draw your eye strictly towards them and can take away from the overall all blend of the photograph. A softer color pattern will capture more timelessly in a photograph than bright colors would. Depending on your family size, try to limit the patterns to one person maybe two.

When you look at the photos above, they are both gorgeous photos. Again, which photo does your eye naturally go to? Which photo do you look at and think wow that almost looks timeless? These are just a few little examples of how to help draw your eye to your photographs with that desired look you want.

No matter which look you decide to go with for your photo session, I will do my very best to help make the photos as beautiful and timeless as possible. I absolutely love serving my client’s needs and desires for their photos and I am always here to help any way I can! I cannot wait to help you create those beautiful memories that you can hold on to forever!

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