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The Secret to Great Posing

August 29, 2023

Hi, I'm Chandler.
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Have you ever looked at those gorgeous dreamy wedding photos and wondered, how in the world does the couple look that amazing posing for those images? There is no way I could ever look that amazing in a photo because I have no idea how to pose myself. Well friends, I have news for you. It is possible.

About 90% of all of my couples, believe it or not, have never been in front of a professional camera before their engagement session. The number one concern I hear on every sales call I make is, “We are so bad at taking pictures!” Rest assured, though my Great Posing Guide Method, I promise I will help you not only look your best in our portraits, but more importantly, I want you to FEEL your best! Are you ready?!

The Number 1 thing I will always ask you, is do you have a side preference?

Every single person has a side they prefer to look at, or that they think makes them look a little bit more flattering when they are posed on that side. I promise you do 🙂 Picking which side either your hair flows better, your face might be little bit softer, or the side you always stand next to your man when you are together, is the side we want to choose. Nobody wants to look at a photo of themselves when it is the wrong side because I promise you will always be judging it because your wrong side was showing. Once we have your side presence picked out, then we can move in to the fun parts.

My favorite Go To Poses

Every photographer captures a wedding day or an engagement session differently than others. But there is always a method behind what we do. Picking out my favorite go to poses allows me to help create those beautiful consistent images you will see in my galleries.

  1. The Traditional Wedding Day Pose

2. Belly Button to Belly Button

3. The Veil Shot

4. The Rock Back and Forth

5. The Over The Shoulder Look

6. The Twirl

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