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Snowy Engagement in Arizona

January 27, 2022

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Arizona is not known for snow lets just be honest, let alone a snowy engagement session. Most people hear Arizona and think of 100+ degrees and all desert. Flagstaff, Arizona is definitely one of the hidden gems of this state. Over the holidays, Flagstaff was pounded with a crazy, beautiful snow storm. It definitely reminded me something out of the midwest, not Arizona. But that is the beauty of this wonderful state. You get all kinds of climates you can drive to within just a few hours. It is exactly why we choose it for this beautiful snowy engagement session!

When we first were planning Victor and Sia’s engagement session, Flagstaff was having a beautiful winter wonderland. Sia told me she wanted that for her gorgeous photos and I said okay lets do it! Even though it may not have been as wintery as we would have liked, let me tell you. I absolutely LOVED photographing in the snow! Oh my goodness the first part of their session was up in Flagstaff and it was absolutely beautiful! This Arizona, cactus loving, desert girl is not a fan of the cold or the biggest of the snow, but for my photography, I will gladly photograph in the snow any day! I mean Victor and Sia were glowing and I could not of had any more fun capturing their love in that environment!

Victor and Sia first met back in 2010. Sia’s cousin connected the two of them together while she was still living in California. When Sia finished college in 2015, their relationship instantly took off as they were a perfect match for each other! They soon moved to Arizona where they quickly called home. Victor decided in 2016 he wanted to ask Sia to marry him and spend forever together. They soon found out they were going to be parents to the most precious little boy. And as every parent can tell you, they went full parenting and dove head first into taking care of their sweet little Preston. Now, six years later, they are FINALLY ready to make it official and I could not be more excited for their beautiful wedding in October!

We spent the second half of their engagement session at Tempe Town Lake. Tempe Town Lake is a gorgeous location located in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. There are so many fun activities that can be done from walking around, biking the area, and even kayaking on the lake. There are fields of grass everywhere that make it a beautiful location for a fun afternoon out. It is extremely popular hang out location, as it is right next to the Arizona State University Campus. But let me tell you, the crowdedness did not stop us from getting some amazing photos of this beautiful engaged couple!

Victor and Sia, it was such an honor to capture your beautiful love for one another over the last two weeks! I could not be more excited for you and your little family. The love you all share for one another is incredible! I am so excited for your wedding in October, and cannot wait to officially watch you get married!

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